BitFinder - Where is the bitizin I find?


  • This application is an unofficial helper and not affiliated with NimbleBit
  • All aspects like names, images and places concerning Tiny Tower are the property of their respective owners. The images are just used to show the aim of this application.

A message from developer:

Hi Guys.

When I first wrote this application, my Tiny Tower was a 40 story building, and I couldn't find bitizens by name nor appearance. So I deciced to make a helper application for my personal use. It took about 10 hours or so, and my daughter and I were very happy to easily find bitizens.

It was not a good app, but I thought there could be someone like me, having trouble finding bitizens. So I decided to open this TINY app on the AppStore. But the app was rejected, because of the usage of Tiny Tower resources. Experiencing one more reject, and doing my main job time flew away. My Tiny Tower became 120 story building and I added some more functions to this application. I wish you all like this TINY app, and get help from it.


  • Take a snapshot (Sleep+Home) of bitizen list on apartment
  • Select that picture in this app. (Pressing + button on the top right)
  • Give an APT floor number. (This can help.) Pressing OK updates the bitizens information.
  • Search using input box at the top or index at the right of the list.


If you have any suggestion, please send me. Next version may have that feature.